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Everyday Advocacy + Opposing Bans: How Can We Support Teachers?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

by EA Editors

As you all know, across the country, books—especially young adult and diverse books—are increasingly challenged, censored, and banned. These books are essential, immersing students in what Sims Bishop frames as “mirrors, windows and sliding glass doors,” helping them become compassionate humans who think in complex and critical ways.

We know how scary it can be when a book or topic is challenged, that feeling of helplessness when faced with what seems like overwhelming odds against us. Many teachers wonder what they can realistically do. We think the lessons of Everyday Advocacy can help.

Toward that end: we have created a new page on the Everyday Advocacy site called Opposing Bans which takes the guiding principles of EA and applies them specifically to issues of censorship in schools today. We hope this page can offer teachers support and help us all gain the confidence to speak up and to reclaim the public narrative about why complex and diverse books and ideas are critical for students.

We invite you to connect with teachers who are working through these issues and share your own stories and experiences. You can do so in any of these ways:

1) Check out the new Opposing Bans page linked in the menu on Everyday Advocacy

2) Write your own story about EA and Bans for the EA site’s Teacher Stories page

3) Join the NCTE ELATE Commission on Everyday Advocacy

Join us as we take this next step in expanding Everyday Advocacy.

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