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We are educators. 

We know what happens in the world of schools.

It’s time to make change happen. 

How can we leverage our expertise to create the changes we know matter most?

Everyday Advocacy is the interactive, ongoing, and often messy process of working for change in your local context. It’s also a continuous loop of growing awareness of your own community’s needs and conversations as you learn how to become an advocate, prepare to create change, and move forward to act.

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Join us on this site as we explore what it means for you to become an Everyday Advocate in your local setting. Learn strategies for working within schools and communities to create change. Meet other teachers who are already Everyday Advocates and who work to change the public narrative in ways that are smart, safe, savvy and sustainableFind your voice and help change the conversation, starting at your local level.


If you’re new to advocacy, spend some time in the Guiding Principles and then look through Learn, Prepare, and Act


If you are looking to integrate Everyday Advocacy in your professional learning communities or teacher education classes, check out ideas for using this site under Tools and Resources.

Become an Everyday Advocate

Join the Everyday Advocacy Community

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