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If you want to get in touch with us or if you have questions about Everyday Advocacy, please reach out via the email address below.

If you have an advocacy story that you'd like to share, follow these guidelines for our blog posts.

Specifically, we’re looking for blogs that:

  • Elevate the idea of advocacy as a means of both honoring the voices of teachers and demonstrating how teachers can contribute to changing the public narrative surrounding literacy education

  • Describe an advocacy moment in your teaching world and raise an issue or question that might elicit response from others.  (Detailed narratives are great, but please don’t use names of students or others without their written permission.)

  • Speak to an audience of fellow literacy teachers and teacher educators

  • Do all this in 750-1000 words!

The process:

  1. Submit your blog to

  2. While these will not be peer-reviewed blogs, members of the ELATE Everyday Advocacy Commission will read through your piece and offer editorial suggestions.  We will return the blog to you to revise based on those suggestions.

  3. Pieces that meet the criteria will be put in a queue to be published.

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