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Author Stories

When did your writing make a difference in the life of a reader?

We invited authors to tell individual stories of a time when their writing made a difference in the life of a reader. In their videos, hear from the writers themselves about times their books helped children feel seen, valued, and empowered. 

Writers who contributed videos to our "Author Stories" playlist include:

  • Mitali Perkins ("Bamboo People")

  • Matt de la Peña ("Mexican WhiteBoy")

  • Jamie Jo Hoang ("My Father, The Panda Killer")

  • Kim Johnson ("This is My America")

  • Adrianna Cuevas ("The Ghosts of Rancho Espanto")

  • Lily Williams ("Go With the Flow")

  • Elana K Arnold ("A Boy Named Bat")

  • Debbi Michiko Florence ("Jasmine Toguchi")

  • Dashka Slater ("The 57 Bus")

Books do make a difference. It does make a difference for a young reader to see herself on the cover of a book, in the pages of a story – and it helps all readers to see characters like the faces around them in the classroom.”
- Debbi Michiko Florence

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