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Teacher Chat: Jennifer Buehler on Opposing Bans

“Censorship in America is not new, but the current moment is different”

Jennifer Buehler is a professor of English Education at Saint Louis University and a passionate reader and teacher of young adult literature. In this teacher chat, Jennifer talks book bans and provides context for the current moment of politically motivated attacks on young adult literature.

Hear from her what kinds of books are most often banned, why they’re banned, and how teachers can frame information for themselves to share with stakeholders in their community. To learn more about using the tools of everyday advocacy to change the public narrative around teaching racially diverse, queer-affirming young adult literature, visit the Opposing Bans page on our website. There, you'll find additional resources about addressing bans before an issue arises, in the midst of an issue, and after restrictions are enacted. You can also find links to the resources Jennifer mentions posted below.

“Your students deserve to read these books. You deserve to teach them. You are your own best expert on why they matter.”


If you or someone you know may be interested in sharing a Teacher Story or joining us for a Teacher Chat about the day-to-day work of everyday advocacy, please contact us.

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