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How Can We Respond in the Moment to Attacks on Diverse Books?

by EA Editors

The work of Everyday Advocacy was highlighted by team member, Jennifer Buehler, in a recent op-ed for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. In her important opinion piece, Buehler outlines the current landscape of censorship specific to diverse YA literature in schools and offers sample responses to five common arguments against these texts. For example, if we encounter the claim that books featuring issues of race make white kids feel guilty, Buehler suggests a reply like, "All young people need to grapple with the complexity of our shared history. An honest reckoning with the past produces informed citizens who can work toward a more equitable society." For additional supports to counter attacks on diverse YA literature, consider these talking points from the Opposing Bans section of our site.

If you or someone you know may be interested in sharing a Teacher Story or joining us for a Teacher Chat about the day-to-day work of everyday advocacy, please contact us.

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