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Advocating for YA Literature, Webinar Recap: "These Books Create Transformative Moments"

Updated: May 10, 2023

by Sarah Hochstetler

Monday evening's Everyday Advocacy webinar hosted by the National Writing Project's Write Now Teacher Studio affirmed what many teachers, librarians, and proponents of student access to young adult literature already know: these books transform lives. Yet, YA literature is being systematically removed from school spaces under the guise of "protecting" kids from harm. We ask, what does the work of everyday advocacy look like in a moment marked by the alarming escalation of book bans and censorship in classrooms and school libraries across the United States? How can stories of YA making a difference for young people--stories shared by both the very authors being challenged and teachers--serve us in our daily advocacy efforts?

Last night we wrestled with these questions in conversation with teachers who hold firmly to the belief that all students deserve access to transformative young adult literature. You can learn from our shared discussion in a few ways:

If you or someone you know may be interested in sharing a Teacher Story or joining us for a Teacher Chat about the day-to-day work of everyday advocacy, please contact us.

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