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Introducing the Everyday Advocacy Advisory Board

by EA Editors

The Everyday Advocacy team is delighted to announce the formation of our Advisory Board, composed of classroom teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and other leaders who share a deep commitment to advocacy in shifting the narrative of literacy education. We value their individual and collective expertise and trust their guidance will serve us as we expand our efforts.

Join us in celebrating the following members:

Sabrina Baeta, Freedom to Read Program Manager, PEN America

Antero Garcia, Associate Professor, Stanford University (and co-author with Cathy of Everyday Advocacy book)

Cornelius Minor, Brooklyn based educator and teacher leader (and author of You Got This)

Laura Roop, former NWP site director, author and poet

Dashka Slater, award winning journalist and YA author (including The 57 Bus)

Molly Swanhorst, high school teacher, NWP teacher consultant, and blogger about education issues

We look forward to sharing with our community the benefits of our Board’s advice as Everyday Advocacy prepares for a sustainable future.

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